Raft Wars 2


Move your mouse to control the shooting power, use left mouse button to shoot.

Raft Wars 2 is an action-intensive shooting game. Here, you take an adventure for the treasure. Although you pay attention to aiming and shooting, you must also consider how to adjust the correct direction so that your projectiles can be aimed at the person you want to attack, thus causing damage to it, and then you can go through customs.

Raft wars 2 game content

It is an exciting adventure. In Raft Wars 2, you only need to use the left mouse button to aim, then shoot things out, knock down the specified items, and you can go through customs. The purpose of the game is to get the treasure of heroes under the water park built by the rich, to be ready for shooting in all aspects, to pass through customs continuously, and to win this treasure.

The game features of raftwar 2

In Raft Wars 2, there will be exciting scenarios before you enter the game so that you can better understand the game. Secondly, after continuous customs clearance, you can upgrade weapons and materials and use better equipment to gain the opportunity to acquire treasures. You can find that the current level is brand-new, and the enemy is not so simple.

When the enemy attacks your door, you must not bear it. To protect the resources of the island, Raft wars 2 will enable you to do your best here. Hit all the pirates on the opposite side, making them unable to move forward, and making them not dare to move forward. Or choose stick war, an exciting defence game, in which you have to use your strategy to command your team so that it can win every battle.

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